Zhejiang Ningbo Liangliang Steamed Shrimp

Zhejiang Ningbo Liangliang Steamed Shrimp Project: Zhejiang Ningbo

1-3, bow LED lightbox

Screen size: 19968mm*256mm*100mm Video resolution: 9984px*128px

Sheet board size: 256*128 Indoor soft film: P2 adopts professional synchronous control equipment with high-definition playback box, which is powerful and should be widely used.

4. Rubik's cube 500x500mm five-sided lightbox

Screen size: 500mm*500mm*500mm Video resolution: 640px*128px

Sheet board size: 500*500 Indoor: P391

Using professional asynchronous control equipment, the mobile phone is directly connected to control, which can realize fast uploading of pictures, videos, and other files.