custom process

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Update time : 2022-03-11 17:44:55

1 Customer needs

Sample drawings and requirements (pattern, text, logo, size, specification, etc.) of the customer's order

2 Calculate the quotation

Calculate the price of design, material, production, etc. to estimate

3 Order payment

One-time payment of the total cost of the order or (pay the prepayment to finalize the design and pay the balance)

4 Start designing

It is composed of a team of brand image/graphic design/space designers to analyze and design a plan

5 Determine the plan

The client checks the design results, communicates and adjusts, and determines the plan

6 Order production

Select high-quality quality craftsmanship for pure hand processing

7 Packing for delivery

Free Shipping on Global Orders

8 After-sale service

Installation advice and guidance Free repair and maintenance