Founded in 2015, New world Sign company is the industry's leading logo deepening design and manufacturing service provider.

Enterprises hope to present complex professional knowledge in a generalized visual language system through a new visual system,showing the image of technological leadership and professional services.

“Information,material,technology" are the three components of the logo. We corresponded to three visual elements respectively and established a system that is both extensible and recognizable,inspired by traditional large outdoor billboards.

In different application environments,brand identity is expressed as the combination of the size,position,and color of the three elements.

Around this visual system,we help companles complete brand remodeling In three distinct environments:brand experience stores,exhibitions,and e-commerce platforms.

The company is a comprehensive signage service provider integrating "planning-design-production-after-sales",specializing in the production of commercial signs,community signs,office signs,hospital signs, scenic signs,school signs,
plaza signs, municipal signs, publicity boards, etc. . The entire team provides customers with Integrated Identlficatlon system solutions under a complete and scientific quality management system.